USA Copyright Policy

Did you know the University of South Alabama has a copyright policy?  (See  USA is not alone: universities often develop copyright policies to create a common understanding about what copyright is, since copyright law is far from intuitive.  Such policies are useful to ensure consistency and fairness.  Also, several sections of the copyright law require a relevant institutional policy in order to qualify for a statutory safe harbor, such as those found in the TEACH Act or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The University of South Alabama Copyright Policy lists the rules for determining ownership of copyright, based on both the category of copyrightable work and the category of author.  There are three categories of copyrightable works, a “directed work” created at the direction of the university, traditional or “non-directed works,” and sponsored or externally contracted works, such as a grant.  Categories of author include faculty, executive, administrative, managerial, staff, or student.

While I will refer the reader to the actual policy to parse the intricacies of determining copyright ownership, it appears that USA retains the copyright for works created under the direction of, or with substantial support from, the university.  As an illustration, works created by an employee within the scope of his or her employment is considered to be a “work for hire,” aka “work made for hire,” (see 17 U.S.C. § 101for a definition  and it is well settled in US copyright law that the employer (or commissioner of the work) retains copyright ownership of the copyright, as is the case at USA, absent an agreement between the university and the employee creator.

The USA Copyright Policy also contains a discussion of shop rights and information on copyright revenue sharing.  In addition, as typical of many research institutions, the University of South Alabama also has a separate policy for patents, ( in contrast to other universities that have one combined policy covering both copyrights and patents or other forms of intellectual property.   

Trey Lemley

(Originally published in Biofeedback 107 - October 2015.)

USA Biomedical Library receives 2nd NNLM SE/A Technology Improvement Award

Rachel Fenske, Information Services/Outreach Librarian, was a recipient of a $15,000 National Network of Libraries of Medicine Southeastern/Atlantic Region Technology Improvement Award in June 2018 to expand her patient/family education program to all units of the University of South Alabama (USA) Medical Center and the High Risk OB and Mother/Baby units at the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital.  

This award will enable the purchase of thirteen Android tablets and rolling bedside stands to be distributed to the pre-admit, cardiac, chronic illness, medical, surgical, trauma, and oncology units of the USA Medical Center and prenatal, maternity, and high risk obstetric units at the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital.  The tablets will enable nurse educators to teach patients about their condition, various procedures and medications while at their bedside.  Resources from the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health can be consulted with ease as health care professionals complement and expand their existing education protocol.  

With the additional funding provided by this award, the initial project that began with a $5,000 NNLM Award in 2016 with the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital pediatric, NICU, hematology/oncology and USS HOPE Infusion units will now expand across the USA Health System providing a wealth of quality health information that is easy to understand and easily accessible.  

These resources will help patients and families locate reputable and current information needed to comprehend serious illnesses in a format that is suitable for their learning style while assisting them when making informed decisions about their health.  Rachel is extremely happy and grateful to NNLM SE/A for allowing her to continue the patient education program that has helped so many at the USA Children’s & Women’s Hospital and will continue to benefit the residents of Mobile and the surrounding communities.

Poster Session Presentation at Medical Library Association Annual Meeting

Rachel Fenske, Information Services/Outreach Librarian from the USA Biomedical Library, presented a poster session at the Medical Library Association Annual Meeting in Atlanta on May 22, 2018, “PATHS (Parent/Patient Access to Health Resources) Leading to Improved Health Outcomes” describing the patient/family education program implemented at the University of South Alabama (USA) Children’s & Women’s Hospital.  The project, funded in part by a NNLM SE/A Technology Improvement Award, provides patients and family members of those newly diagnosed with pediatric cancer and other chronic illnesses a means of acquiring and using reputable, easy to understand, health resources during the educational processes while at the hospital.  Android tablets are used to access MedlinePlus, Patient Education Institute’s X-Plain® videos, Genetics Home Reference, Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center, and a host of other NLM/NIH resources at their convenience.  Access to various NLM resources, specifically MedlinePlus, has led to increased confidence in the parent’s and patient’s ability to locate quality health information.  As part of her project, she also collected data to determine the efficacy of the various educational interventions employed in the project surveying the usefulness and convenience of using the Android tablets, the continued use of the NLM resources by the parents and patients after discharge, as well as the likability in reading and viewing material in their native language. 

Biofeedback Newsletter 112

Table of Contents

Faculty Publications July 2017 to December 2018

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